Worldcoin Introduces “Personal Custody” Feature, Enhancing User Privacy

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Worldcoin, a project aimed at empowering users, is rolling out a new feature called “Personal Custody,” which eliminates the option for users to store their biometric data. Under this initiative, individuals signing up for a World ID will no longer have their biometric data stored and encrypted by default. Instead, the data will reside on users’ devices, giving them full control over its usage, including the option to delete it if desired.

The introduction of Personal Custody marks a significant step in Worldcoin’s commitment to privacy and transparency. While the project has always emphasized the protection of users’ biometric data during verification, this new approach aims to build further trust among potential users.

Tiago Sada, Head of Product, Engineering, and Design at Tools for Humanity, the primary software contributor to Worldcoin, emphasized the importance of user control over their data. He stated that while data deletion was previously the default option, the implementation of Personal Custody ensures that users have complete autonomy over their data, thus providing them with greater peace of mind.

Worldcoin’s recent move towards Personal Custody comes amid scrutiny from government agencies and regulators. Despite facing challenges, including a temporary ban in Spain and scrutiny over token distribution, Worldcoin remains committed to enhancing user privacy and security.

Before the rollout of Personal Custody, users had the option to either delete their biometric data immediately after verification or allow Worldcoin to encrypt and store it in secure data stores. With the elimination of the Data Custody option, Personal Custody puts data control firmly in the hands of users.

In addition to Personal Custody, Worldcoin is also increasing transparency by making key components of its Orb software publicly available on GitHub. This move aims to bolster transparency and verifiability, aligning with the project’s commitment to openness and accountability.

By prioritizing user empowerment and transparency, Worldcoin continues to advance its mission of providing a secure and inclusive platform for individuals worldwide.

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